Fitza is not just another app.

It’s a catalyst of change towards natural health and wholeness.

Fitza is designed to help people achieve fulfilling lives through healthier food choices, with conscious changes to the present lifestyle.

  • F is for Food, life energy condensed into matter
  • I is for Immunity of the Gut
  • T is for Taking charge of your Health
  • Z is for Zeal, your zest for life
  • A is for Achiever, for you surely are one

Here’s What You Get


Personalised Meal Plan

A day-to-day diet plan personalized to reach independent user goals.


Pocket Guide

Curated guides accessible 24/7 for the times you travel or party.


Healthy Recipes

Collection of traditional Indian and International healthy food recipes.


Health Kundali

Understanding body type using ancient Indian ayurvedic practices.