Your Go-To Intelligent Virtual Nutrition Coach powered by Artificial Intelligence, developed to provide Nutrition Care and Well-being solutions using the magnificent DIET approach with the intention to overcome deep CHRONIC ailments and much more.

DIET at Fitza symbolises the articulation of eternal wellbeing with the generous approach towards D- Development of Health, I- Intelligent Lifestyle, E- Emotional Stability and T- Tempered Nervous System.

With DIETary focus to materialize harmonious health and blissful living, the conscious decisions made by the Health Coaches, Nutritionists and DIETicians at Fitza accelerate the life of the User and translate the vision of "Becoming Whole" into a multidimensional success.

The divine process of healing deep CHRONIC ailments with DIET is simplified at Fitza with the mindful alignment of Traditional Food remedies and Modern AI Technology, with conscious focus on improving one's GUT and IMMUNE health to outgrow the Dis-ease and Dis-comfort at the root level.

The Fitza Story

Making Self-Care Smart, Intelligent, & Accessible

D: Development of Health -

Development of health is the consistent progress towards balanced and nutritionally abundant state of body, mind and spirit that empowers one to elevate and accelerate in connection to living multiple intentions and desires in ease and flow.

I: Intelligent Lifestyle -

Being intelligent is simply being aware of our inner state in the present moment, understanding about our thinking-perceiving-feeling-behavioural patterns, learning methods to break the toxic cycles that's stagnant in our body and mind, next taking necessary steps to outgrow the unhealthy and restore health and harmony.

E: Emotional stability -

Emotional stability is being centered and grounded with our internal feelings and external consequences in the present moment. Appreciating our Here and Now, transcending from limited beliefs and perceptions, feeling confident about ourselves and easily transmuting all the emotions that flow through us while living our day to day life in connection with everyone and everything with no resistance at all. This state of presence can be achieved by tapping into our emotional intelligence and consciously navigating the process of collaboration with the external environment and entities in synergy.

T: Tempered Nervous system-

A tempered nervous system is the greatest factor to successfully lead a thriving and elevated state of health even in midst of chaos and conflicted situations. By cleansing all the toxins, heavy metal energies, chemicals and pesticides from our body, mind and heart that's accumulated from the earth realm like fruits, vegetables, groceries, water and often our social environment; we can certainly balance the elemental forces within which is our Prakriti and consciously live in healthy temperament.