7 Tips That Will Help Keep Your Mental Health In Check

By: Monalisha Gantayat

9 Jul 2021

What's the basic instinct of ours when we are battling every hour in lack of mental health?

-          Ahhh, I am going crazy!

-          I can’t bear this pain anymore.

-          Am I ever going to move out of this feeling helpless reality?

-          Do I deserve to live anymore?

-          Can I just express my struggle and not be judged?

-          Can I forget about everything and start fresh?

 Next is we choose to isolate ourselves, hide the pain with addictions like food, alcohol, work, shopping, travel, drugs, porn and much more. And there are such situations when we even hurt ourselves physically to just not feel the emotional burdens the journey manifests.

Being isolated and suffering internally leads to unfavourable health consequences such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, obesity, hypertension and many other chronic health conditions. The only thing that can enable a person to emerge victorious through these health hazards is to maintain one's mental health and wellness.

Hereinafter are a few simple yet effective tips that can help a person heal and evolve in their journey towards achieving inner peace and tranquillity, which will in turn help tide through the period of transition.

 1.      Set a daily routine:

This small step will give a purpose and direction to one’s day and will provide them with a sense of achievement. By chalking out a daily routine and sticking to it, the seemingly endless days of loneliness and emptiness will get a proper structure and will thus go by with ease. A daily routine can involve the planning and monitoring of basic things such as sleep timings, fitness diet plan, meditation, journaling our thoughts, engaging in a creative activity, physical exercise and much more. This helps people get into a cyclical routine which programs their mind towards positive and constructive thoughts resulting into balanced state of presence.

 2.      Emphasize on mindful eating:

For most people, food is merely a means of sustenance, and they do not attribute it to any other health implications. However, this is far from the truth, as food can play a crucial role in our physical as well as mental development. Therefore, in any given day of our life, it is essential to eat nutritious and healthy food which can stimulate the growth of Intelligent hormones such as serotonin which can stabilize and improve one's mental health. 

 3.      Physical activity:

It is imperative for everyone of us to remain physically active. If this is not done, it can lead to a feeling of lethargy and dullness taking over an individual. On the other hand, engaging in physically demanding activities triggers the release of endorphins, which are highly beneficial in making one feel internally happy and content. Simple activities such as walking, skipping, or yoga can do wonders, and hence an individual can take up workout/yoga sessions to develop a peaceful, strong and resilient mind, body and spirit.

4.      Take up leisure activities:

In the chaotic routines of daily life, leisure activities often lay forgotten. Something to be introspected about and become aware of the significance of being creatively active. Artwork, cooking, singing & dancing are a few such examples. Engaging in these activities works as a stress-buster and also a medium for cathartic release. They force the mind to focus on fun-filled experiences other than the chaos, which is necessary to prevent a person from mulling over the self imprisonment thoughts. It also helps keep an individual occupied in doing something creative, contributing immensely towards one's mental health and wellness.

5.      Get professional support:

Despite being physically distant, individuals can seek mental help and support from a professional guide by virtual means. Due to the advancement in technology, the experience of interacting with your health coach can be replicated to a large extent. This should be utilized to the fullest extent to get the necessary professional support and even remain connected with our friends, family, co-workers, etc., which will help maintain a bond with the world. Once a person feels reconnected with society while expressing their deepest struggles to their health coach and getting fresh perspectives, mental health problems such as hypertension, anxiety and depression can be avoided.

6.      Become a helping hand:

There is a deep interrelation between helping oneself and helping others. When we extend a helping hand towards someone in need, it stimulates a positive feeling of being helpful to another person. It inculcates a sense of selflessness and satisfaction that can massively change one's outlook about themselves. Feelings of despair and hopelessness have been linked to having low self-esteem. By engaging in small acts to help others, it can make an individual feel better about themselves.

7.      Be more present:

Most important outlook one must develop to embrace and master the art of living in Here and Now. Present is the moment where we are either consciously or unconsciously creating our lifeline and when we learn to be more present rather than dwelling in yesterday and chasing after tomorrow; we can certainly build a safe and secure environment for ourselves inside our body and mind which in result will manifest a holistic and balanced space for us in the external to thrive and remain calm, collective and grounded in any given challenging situation.

8.      Choose to see the positive:

Like in every aspect of life, there will be times we will be conflicted about multiple experiences. Instead of focussing on the lack, one must divert attention to the positive side, reflect and gain healthy perspective and choose consciously to look at the bigger picture. If one is exposed to positive content and surround themselves with inspiring forces (virtual and physical), it will automatically reflect on elevating their mindset and psyche. This will develop a sense of assurance that the individual is not alone in his/her journey of evolution and will be able to see the opportunity in adversity.


Among all the tips to improve mental health mentioned above, the most fundamental is the development of a proper eating and sleeping routine. Food is an indispensable tool and sleep is the state of relaxation that can transform one's mental health for the better. Despite having a brief idea about which foods are healthy to consume, we often need expert guidance.

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