Eat Healthy, Stay Fit: Choose the Right Diet Plan For Yourself

By: Shweta Shah

26 Nov 2021

The concepts of diet and dieting have been unfairly vilified by media and other written content across the internet. When most people hear the word ‘diet’, their mind automatically conjures up images of bland leafy salads, dry vegetables with no taste and spice, and the looming threat of being forced to give up on all sugar and junk food. Dieting has hence become synonymous with having to make drastic changes in one's food routine and having to give up the favoured delicacies like desserts or fast food. In the light of this daunting notion, most people just swear off diets.


However, a well-structured and carefully curated diet plan never imposes unreasonable demands of food abstinence, nor does it advocate one to only consume tasteless and bland food. It merely brings about subtle but substantial changes in one’s daily alimentary regime.




At present, you are living an alarmingly fast-paced life. You are constantly in a rush against time to balance and maintain the professional, personal and social life. Amid the chaotic cacophony of your overworked environment, you often forget to take care of your body and mind.


It is not in your control to slow down this fast-paced lifestyle because that has now become a normal way of living. However, this does not mean that you are entirely helpless when it comes to taking care of yourself while functioning in this hectic world. All you need to do is reflect upon your food habits. Choosing and adopting the right diet plan will go a long way in arming you against the stressful daily routines.


Some of the most common health problems that have begun to surface in people include:

·       Heart Diseases.

·       Hypertension.

·       Anxiety & Insomnia.

·       Joint and Muscular pains.


All of these conditions can be addressed by switching to a healthy diet plan and incorporating specific foods that can help you eliminate these problems. Thus, in today's scenario, a good diet has become a necessity for everyone.




Once you decide to embark on the journey towards healthy eating, it is necessary to chalk out a diet plan. Every person can serve as a qualified nutritionist for themselves and develop a sustainable diet. Certain factors must be taken into consideration while choosing a diet plan:


·       Desired outcome

This is a crucial factor while determining a diet plan. If you are unclear on the desired outcome of the diet, it isn't easy to find one that will be useful. Some people seek to gain weight from a diet, while others look for a diet plan for weight loss. For a majority of others, diets are a path towards the holistic and overall improvement of health. To prevent the diet from being rendered ineffective, the plan must be made per what the long-term goal of it is intended to be.


·       Underlying health conditions

The very purpose of a diet is to improve your health and thereby the lifestyle. This cannot be successfully done without addressing the concerns related to your health. Thus, if there are any pre-existing health problems, those must be taken into account.


·       Activity levels

The amount of physical activity you engage in is directly proportional to the number of calories you need to intake. Hence if one's activity levels are high, the diet plan must cater to the higher nutritional requirements and vice versa.


·       Type of lifestyle

A chosen diet plan must be such that it seamlessly fits into your daily routine. The nature of your occupation, work timings, place of residence, etc., are factors that comprise your way of living. A diet can only be religiously followed if it respects and caters to all such aspects of your lifestyle.


·       Personality

The phrase ‘One size cannot fit all’ applies squarely to the process of dieting. Specific diets require immense control over one's dietary habits, while others require lesser sacrifices to be made to follow them. The diet plan selected must be something that is in line with your personality.


After introspecting these five essential factors, you can now devise a personalised diet plan for yourself with ease.




In terms of healthy eating, everyone has a basic notion of what food groups should be considered. Some of these are fruits, vegetables, pulses, etc. However, you never stop to question and find out why these particular food groups should be a part of your daily diet plan.


All foods comprise certain building blocks, which give them their nutritional value. These building blocks are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. More than the item, you should focus on the vitamins and minerals that your body requires and add them accordingly to your everyday meals. Since a lot of people are unaware of these nuances of nutritional science, it is a confusing proposition as to what foods should be consumed.


Some vitamins and minerals are more critical than others. They target the core operational and functional areas of our bodies, and thereby must be specially included in a diet plan:


·       B group Vitamins: These vitamins take care of one of the most crucial systems of the human body, which is the immune system. Besides, they help in the absorption of iron as well as the generation of energy reserves.

·       D group Vitamins: Bones comprise the foundational structure of our body. These vitamins must be a part of one’s diet as they contribute to the development of bones.

·       Iron: This mineral benefits the two most essential parts of the human body, namely blood, and muscles.

·       Chromium: The glucose generation in our body is controlled by chromium. It is also responsible for the allocation of energy to various cells of our body.




For all the reasons enumerated above, choosing the right diet plan is a very scientific and detailed method. It can often get overwhelming for an individual to tackle this life-altering process without proper guidance and help. This is where Fitza comes in. As a digital self-care brand, we can make your job easy through our online services that include personalized meal plans, virtual consultations, health monitoring, health kundali, and more.


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