Energy Transmission - Impacting the Immediate Environment

By: Monalisha Gantayat

26 Aug 2021

At some point, we all find ourselves in situations where we don’t understand our own emotions. We feel our mood transition for no apparent reason and we go into this rabbithole of self-deception.

The thing is, most of the time, it’s not you. It’s the place you are at or the people you are around that have this influence on you - it’s energy transmission. In each situation, the most dominant energy affects its immediate environment.

All of existence is a manifestation of energy, a life-force that runs through everything and everyone. The more potent this lifeforce is, the bigger is it’s impact on the immediate environment.

Life Force Energy as & in DIET

Life force (Prana) energy is the ingredient for life to conceive, articulate and manifest into physical consequences. This energy is the physical translation of food when eaten with healthy intentions and higher consciousness serves the purpose of Health & Harmony in all space and timelines.

Identifying the DIET form is the key to the success of Health in effortlessness.

         The DIET that integrates all the five elemental forms inside our body is Earth(physical body), Water(emotional body), Air(Mental body), Fire and Space ( Spiritual body). These in balance materialize mastered alignment of the 3 Doshas and exhilarates one’s state of being.

        DIET to cleanse and regularly detoxify all the five bodies assists in grounding life force energies with the earth’s frequency.

        DIET is a blend of ancient knowledge and modern science. This empowers human beings to tap into their Cosmic Intelligence, God, Universe and Higher Consciousness.

The Cry of the Body & DIET approach

Achieving the Higher Consciousness DIET takes more than just a monthly or yearly meal plan. With Fitza, you learn more about your body type, DIET to live your life purpose and meet your health and harmony goals in mindfulness.

Neither your family, friends, or your doctor can interpret the cry of your body. Expecting people outside of yourself to understand your body's power struggle and energy blockages is the act of self-deception. The answer to such Dis-ease and Dis-comfort is taking the journey inward and following your inner guidance system.

DIET at Fitza calls for the Development of Health, Intelligent Lifestyle, Emotional Stability and a Tempered Nervous System. Your Virtual Nutrition Coach Fitza will reimburse your attitude of self-reliance, amplify your willpower to engage in self-care, assist you in building healthy living patterns, strengthen yur intuitive abilities and enable your energies to attract ever-evolving life experiences with the DIET formula. Which is infused with the magical ingredient called “Nutritional Abundance”.

Embrace positive energy and change, get DIETised the Fitza way!