How do I suggest Diet Program to Celebrities & Influencers?

By: Shweta Shah

1 Sep 2020

Every individual has a unique body constitution, which changes over a time and again. Your body constitution affects your moods, behavior, how does your body react to illness, imbalances of hormones etc.

Modus Operandi

So here is the Modus Operandi which tells me about you & then I decide to chose the Recipe ingredients as per your body type, culture, climatic conditions, food intake habits.

An in-depth study is done by Shweta once you register online FREE of cost. There is a consultation by the mentor & Shweta herself, lot of details are to be revealed to her for e.g. your daily routine, sleeping & eating habits, working pattern, illnesses, genetic & heredity disorders and then the goal which you desire is discussed.

A process which involves lot of research & study. Starting from knowing your culture & family food type, I also need to know your choices of the food you like & dislike. It plays a vital role because it is easy to suggest you to follow the Diet I give if it has your favourite food in it. Increasing Body Weight or inches is not because you eat more but due to not eating right.

The Diet Program

Shweta herself designs the customized diet plan after understanding your constitution. This diet plan is explained to you and given session wise which is monitored through the Mobile App of Fitza. Your everyday diet with the specific recipe is shared to you & monitored regularly with weekly follow ups by the Mentor assigned to you.

Every meal or recipe you skipped or the feedback you felt after consuming the same is being recorded so that the results you aim to gain are derived.

The Food Intake Guides on the GO...

Even if you are travelling, going for a marriage function, attending cocktail parties, functions, ceremonies and irrespective of your public presence, Shweta has designed a guide for you. It has all the info require to detox you after the junk food you consume. You can’t avoid to have a drink with your colleague or a film crew, neither you can avoid eating with people of whatever food is served. All you can do is eat wisely when surrounded by people, and Shweta has designed such guides for all your occasions & travel.

Hitting the Bulls Eye – Shweta’s Kitchen Recipes

Have you ever wondered by doing proper diet plans, maintaining eating habits, avoiding sugar & fizzy drinks, controlling on your desserts & junk food crave, yet the Weight is not controlled or reduced?

The simple answer to this is, Shweta allows you to eat whatever you wish to in just the right proportion & time. She says, “You are what you eat”, so what you look in public is what you eat in private. And she would expect only one thing from you is the commitment you could give.

Her recipes when known are all those kitchen ingredients which we have but use rarely or maybe we know but don’t pay attention to details of the same to consume. With absolutely no extra effort or cost of procuring and cooking the food she suggests, you can easily feel the difference in first 8 sessions itself. She smiles only when your testimonial is received on her WhatsApp thanking her.

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