How One Perceives Health, Is Something To Be Introspective About!

By: Monalisha Gantayat

2 Aug 2021

Insurance or Assurance, what is my choice? shows how aware I am about my health condition, isn’t it?

To elaborate a bit on Health conditions, it is scientifically and spiritually proven that Natural Wellbeing is the outcome of a balanced Chronic Condition with one's GUT health and Immune system in holy union.

Developing conscious DIET patterns and Optimizing healthy Lifestyle regimens in our immediate environment is the attitude to prevent oneself from non communicable dis-eases, disheartened Chronic Condition and thus set the benchmark for Health and Harmony.

Here are the highlighted conscious DIET patterns and healthy Lifestyle regimens that we will discuss one by one in separate article papers. This article covers the conscious DIET patterns that assists one in rising above and beyond the low dense energies and dual consciousness.

- Nutrition for Body 11 Organ system

- Mindfulness Exercises

- Emotional Detox Practices

- Community Learning Engagements 

Nutrition for All Age Groups

A Nutrition diet contributes to balanced blood pressure in children, advances their cellular bonding, strengthens their immunity health and improves their brain waves, while making them immune to the development of cardiovascular disease, prevent from mucus production and obesity. A mindful amount of calorie intake during childhood eliminates the risk of cancer in later life. 

Most chronic dis-eases are diagnosed or identified in adulthood. That's why childhood is an critical period to work on improving eating preferences and adopting regular nutrition intake to channelize energies towards Health, Harmony and Wholeness.

The burden of chronic dis-eases is more prominently observed in people over 60. Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers are all very common at this stage of life due to multiple dis-ease processes combining with age-related losses in physiological functions.

The risk of developing dis-eases has always been considered a reversible phenomenon at any stage of a person's life. Eating healthy in synergy with the DIET Philosophy, Maintaining Natural Weight, and Balancing Doshas to align and activate all the 7 chakras, helps in keeping GUT health and Immunity strong.

Unsurprisingly, it's your ability to take control over your life Now-today that determines how your health will fare in all the future todays. Making mindful life transforming choices isn't an option, it's the integral part of life that results in achieving the 'I AM' possibility.

Nutrition, Wellness And Chronic Health

People who are physically active, mentally detached, emotionally sound and have diets rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits, and wholegrain cereals can consume a total fat intake of up to 35% while having the most liberating experience in their body organ system.

The balanced intake of fruits and vegetables, combined with the consumption of wholegrain cereals, is likely to provide an adequate amount of total dietary fiber, i.e. more than 25 g per day.

With a self inspired wellness ritual in place along with Nutrition care, one need not clinically check their heath conditions in every few months. Let your body tell you how your energy levels are, your mind show you how intelligent you can be and your heart navigate you towards expansion of awareness.

Transcending Chronic Illnesses – DIET Philosophy

Fitza's DIET philosophy speaks of Developing Health Condition, Intelligent Ways to Living, Emotional Stabilization and Temperament of Nervous System.

It encompasses all areas of life in addition to just healthy eating including providing a sense of complete cleansing from all that's harmful and everything that's fruitful.

This holistic approach to healthy living is providing a lifelong opportunity to thrive in magnified chronic health and balancing all the elemental forces water, fire, air, earth and ether content inside us. 

Fitza guides you through your day, helping you choose what to eat, when, and just how much in addition to providing you tips for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

We believe true health is in balancing the three Doshas and aligning the seven chakras to live in total awareness in Here & Now. We help you identify your Health Kundali to understand the current status of your Doshas and provide practical ways to balance them, all personalized to your lifestyle and timelines.

Let’s rise in divine possibilities by “Getting DIETised The Fitza Way”!