How To Create A Personalized Meal Plan: Know From The Experts

By: Shweta Shah

10 Dec 2021

Consider yourself mentally and physically fit if you have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In other words, physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being are the main elements of healthy living. Without proper food or diet plan, none of the above is possible. Meal planning, hence, has to be considered if you want to discover your body’s full potential and live life happily.

So, what exactly is Meal Planning? A comprehensive meal plan encompasses various pragmatic aspects like how to cook, what ingredients to use, and in what proportion to get the best results, meal schedule, and much more. Whether you are trying to shed weight, or improve your nutrition, meal planning is one of the best and easiest ways to achieve good health.

A personalized meal plan takes into account your existing health ailments and your end goal and accordingly recommends foods that you have to incorporate into your daily diet. It also takes into consideration your food tastes, preferences, and allergies (if any). A customized meal plan offers a large number of benefits some of which have been discussed below.

Importance Of Personalized Meal Planning

1. Cost-Effective

One of the major benefits of a tailor-made meal plan is that it helps in significant cost savings. Controlled expenditure at restaurants, prevention of impulse buying at grocery stores or retail outlets, and bulk buying. A personalized meal plan helps you to effectively set up spending limits on various aspects of food and nutrition.

2. Time-Saving

A daily meal plan helps you to keep your diet on track. When you already know what to cook, how to cook, how much to cook, and when to cook as per your individual needs, you will hardly spend time pondering over your everyday diet schedule. It also prevents unnecessary stress that you may go through when nothing is planned, and you are extremely hungry.

3. Minimizes Food Wastage

A daily meal plan assigns a purpose to every dish you cook and every ingredient you use. This prevents bulk quantities of food from being stacked in your fridge for days. It prevents impulsive, less, or excessive purchases of fruits, vegetables, and other food ingredients as a meal plan specifies the exact quantity or proportion of each ingredient to be used in a particular recipe. In fact, focusing on one meal at a time helps you to make the best possible choice for that meal.

4. Portion Control

A personalized meal plan helps you identify the estimated quantity of food you need to consume versus your actual consumption. Identifying the deviations will help you improve your eating habits and stay healthy. It will also prevent you from undereating or overeating or serving yourself a much larger portion than what you can actually consume.

5. Ensures Healthy Living

The most important purpose of a customized meal plan is to stay healthy given your food choices, health ailments, allergies, tastes, and preferences. Consuming a daily diet in line with your chronic health conditions will prevent you from serious illnesses and help in fast recovery. For example, individuals with respiratory ailments must consume a protein-rich and Vitamin C - rich diet for strengthening respiratory muscles.

In short, a personalized meal plan ensures you eat a nutritious balanced diet at all times of the day and minimizes consumption of unhealthy or junk foods.

Factors to Consider While Creating A Personalized Meal Plan

  1. Determining Individual Goals

The first factor that you must consider while creating a healthy meal plan is to determine your goals or the end results. For example, if you are an athlete, you need a high-carb diet to power your long runs. If you wish to lose weight, your weight-loss meal plan comprising a low-calorie diet is highly recommended. Building lean muscles requires you to eat more healthy foods and cut back on junk. Maintaining a toned body requires a good mix of nutrition and exercise.

Thus, each goal requires a different diet plan. Hence, identifying and prioritizing your health goals should be the first step to create a suitable personalized meal plan.

  1. Understanding Workout Schedules

A healthy body is an end result of the right kind of food and a good amount of exercise. If your end goal is weight loss, you need an intense workout schedule combined with a low-calorie meal plan. If you are bulking up or want a muscular body, you need an intense workout with a high-calorie diet. However, if you cannot hit the gym every day or exercise regularly, it is recommended not to exceed the daily minimal calorie intake.

Thus, your personalized meal plan will factor in your workout schedule and accordingly suggest the daily intake of the necessary foods and nutrition requirements.

  1. Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a serious influence on the daily meal plan. If you work round the clock with little or no time for exercise, your personalized meal plan will include a balanced diet with just the right amount of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals with a low quantity of fatty foods. On the other hand, if your work involves a lot of physical exertion then a high-carb, high-protein, and high-calorie diet is needed to keep your energies intact all day.

If you enjoy more spicy food or eat out frequently, then such factors too will be considered while designing your customized diet plan.

  1. Your Personality

Individual personality traits play an important role in creating a healthy meal plan. If you are someone who likes to consume freshly cooked meals every day, then cooking bulk meals 2-3 times a week and stacking them up in the fridge won’t work for you. Similarly, if you are hard-pressed for a time due to varied reasons and don’t want to cook daily, then you require a different diet plan.

  1. Your Health Conditions

It is imperative to factor in your existing health ailments and chronic conditions while creating a personalized meal plan. For example, if you suffer from chronic diabetes, your personalized meal plan should include foods that maintain your blood sugar levels. Consuming a high-fiber diet along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of nuts. It will also include limited processed carbohydrates and a low-sugar diet.

Thus, your existing health conditions will surely influence the personalized meal plan designed for you.

How Fitza Can Help You to Craft A Personalized Meal Plan?

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We aim to create a personalized online meal plan based on your tastes, preferences, lifestyle, exercise regime, health history, and nutrition goals. Thus, you can binge on your favorite foods guilt-free without compromising your nutrition requirements.

Under the guidance of expert nutritionists and dieticians at Fitza, we can create a customized science-based subscription program for you to ensure holistic well-being. Our online services include personalized meal plans, virtual consultations, health monitoring, etc. Apart from that, we provide our customers with detailed information on various nutrition requirements through our mobile app.

We have also curated online pocket guides that you can refer to anytime anywhere. At Fitza, you also get a number of healthy recipes that can help you in daily meal planning. Furthermore, our Health Kundali services harness the power of Ayurveda to maintain a healthy body.

Wrapping Up

Fitza is a brainchild of EatFit247 - a nutrition and dietary consultation firm that passionately believes that nature is the best doctor. It has transformed the lives of many with easy and simple personalized online meal plans based on Indian cuisine. So, wish to have an active mind and body? Approach Fitza right away to lead a fulfilling and healthy life!

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