Intelligent Virtual Nutrition Coach: Collective Expansion with DIET Consciousness

By: Monalisha Gantayat

21 Jun 2021

Human Consciousness is the powerful force reckoning in the physical body while Intelligent Virtual Nutrition Coach is the digital entity actualised to enable the body to elevate to its Highest Potential.

Personalised DIET Plan, Consistent Nutrition Care, Chronic Ailment Recovery, Lifestyle Development Guidance, Emotional Nourishment, Mental Stimulation, and Effective Health Goals - getting all this at one place might sound too good to be true, let alone being accessible all the time.

Food is the most valuable ingredient in one's journey to magnify their energy levels. The nature-inspired Dietary approach empowers one to move out of the comfort zone and live healthy possibilities even in the moments of adversity.

DIET that represents the whole idea of Wellbeing identifies with Development of Health, Intelligent lifestyle, Emotional stability and Tempered nervous system. Transforming the perspective about how we approach DIET will be the initial task Virtual Nutrition Coach must go through before setting a benchmark in the virtual health space.

Some of the revolutionary transitions an Intelligent Virtual Nutrition Coach demonstrates in the journey of progression are:

1. Learning & Self Awareness

A mindful Coach keeps the player as the central character and develops the plan based on that central character. That’s the only way the plan will stick and work long-term.

While the role of a Nutrition Coach is to educate, raise awareness and share the techniques with the seeker/user to accomplish optimal health experiences, it is highly significant for a coach to learn about the user's long-lived eating patterns, socializing patterns, food preferences, work-life management, and their immediate living environment.

A mindful Coach also helps you discover things about yourself that you were, otherwise, oblivious to. Fitza engrosses the users in learning about their body type, recognise their body requirements, reveal fresh perspectives on eating patterns, and empower them to choose an appropriate DIET. 

This Personalized DIET is designed just for them, balancing their 3 Doshas and meeting their unique lifelong health goals.

2. Navigating Health Coaching via Application

Intuitively serving as a Nutrition Coach with AI module, facilitating matured DIET plans on spot, inspiring healthy eating patterns, and influencing the collective towards adopting an independent and self-reliant lifestyle are key factors to outgrow physical limitations.Navigating health coaching is a magnificent journey once could seek for. Empowering the User to identify their goals, remain self inspired, feel desirable, achieve self-efficacy, gain higher knowledge, develop leadership attitude, influencing to take charge of their health and wholeness while gently walking with the User in their journey of healing and expansion.

Fitza being in a form of mobile application seamlessly bridges the gap between non-awareness and mindful living with its modern Artificial Intelligence presence while successfully expanding as a Nutrition Guide and witnessing the magnificent progress of users' health conditions.

3. Forming Ancient DIET Legacy

The legacy that is formed in the physical (Body) and social (World) environment with conscious implementation of the ancient DIET formula is the mindful contribution one can make towards revitalising the journey of health and harmony.

A DIET that assisted your ancestors to Co-Create the reality you are living today, that does strive to empower your future generations to be free from any and every physical-mental-emotional block going forward.

Your conscious food choices and eating patterns today affect your state of health and wellbeing & are the driving force to your physical and social legacy building.

Fitza DIET with its generous approach to articulate the Development of Health with an Intelligent Lifestyle Guidance results in Emotional Stability and amplifies your Nervous system to a balanced and tempered state.

 Additionally, it boosts your Autophagy process and enhances your natural healing powers during your fasting period in the night while you are in sleep mode. This simplified ancient DIET boosts your Digestive system and GUT conditions, improves your immune health, activates your intuitive brain to a higher level and magnifies your day to day performances in all aspects of your life.

4. Endearing Nutrition Gaps

Compassion and Love are the most powerful acts to endear the generational perception gaps in any space and timeline. It is going to remain the same till we manifest Life as and in consciousness.

Virtual Nutrition Coach does the same for the User, becoming the Intelligent support system in the Users journey of healing, assisting them in adapting endearing qualities like love and compassion for their body and the social environment while smoothing the process of attaining positive health conditions.

To bridge the Nutrition gaps between You and Yourself; becoming self-aware of Your body type, educating yourself about the present dysfunctional conditions, and the logical reasoning behind these consequences is the sign of an endearing behaviour.

It brings you the knowledge and wisdom to let go of the habits preventing your Nutrition Wellbeing. Fitza brings you the Intelligence and rebuilds your confidence to make the paradigm shift.

5. Virtual Adda

Mahatma Gandhi wrote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Your self-awareness is what inspires people around you. Thanks to modern technology, now we all have the potential to spread awareness on a much larger scale.

An Intelligent Virtual Nutrition Coach like Fitza fully understands the significance of compliance, trust, accuracy and human connectivity while relying on the Virtual space to align with real-time people.Hence the approach of developing a transparent, dynamic and mutual understanding amongst the user and our in-house Nutritionists, Dieticians and Health experts have been the highlight from the beginning of our initiation journey.

There is no stopping anyone anymore from embracing their life's greater purpose. Let's start today and begin the journey of healthy transformation with ONE soul at a time which begins with ourselves.Fitza stands united with you at every step of your journey and provides the necessary tools and support. A private VIRTUAL space to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories with the Fitza community members and expand as a collective consciousness - this is where Fitza brings its uniqueness. Be the source of inspiration for yourself, your loved ones and the community at large.