Myths of Losing Weight by Fasting

By: Shweta Shah

14 Oct 2021

Myths of Losing Weight by Fasting - Shweta Shah', '

We all fast as it’s an old age practice and in India done for religious reasons. And why not people do believe that fasting works well on weight loss too. In this modern era when everyone wants to look slim & beautiful, many people adapt the method of eating less or fasting to lose weight.

It is a fact that by eating less you may lose some weight; however, it would result in a long-term obesity, ill health & food eating habits, decrease of stamina, less charm on face and much more. I would like to bring more light on losing weight not by fasting but by eating the right food during fast.

Common Myths of losing Weight : -

1) Will lose some inches.

2) Lose weight.

3) Fasting & exercise are good combination.

4) Eat less.

5) Eat anything whilst fasting (especially potatoes & sweets).

6) Once in a while fast results in decrease of calories intake.

7) Less sugar intake would result in losing inches. (In fact, it would make you feel dizzy).

The correct way to lose weight: -

1) Eat 6 times a day.

2) Take small meals.

3) Eat healthy & fruits.

4) Raw vegetables & salads are good to eat anytime.

5) Intake good amount of fiber & protein.

6) Drink plenty of water.

7) Use D Bloat powder by to have flat belly.

8) Boost metabolism so that you don’t feel fatigue.

9) Avoid fizz drinks.

10) Avoid too much of sugar.

11) Take proper sleep.

12) Walk at least 30 minutes in a day.

13) Keep yourself active.

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