Oops!! Are you eating right?? Mistakes that Even a Healthy Nut Makes!

By: Shweta Shah

12 Nov 2021

People tend to get a lot of nutrition information from well-meaning friends and family. Nutritional errors are bound to occur with all the dietary nonsense that we are inundated with. Nutritional errors spread like wildfire as we imitate each other. We all are looking for a magic bullet that will make us look lean, give us constant energy, or just makes us feel good. I believe that it's important we uncover the most common but dangerous nutritional mistakes that refrain people from having better results in their nutritional journey.

Blindly trusting the "healthy foods" 
Every passing year, more and more people are becoming health conscious. For this reason...there are food labels with shouting headlines "sugar free" "fat free" "organic" "gluten free" .The problem is many of these foods aren't healthy at all . Organic sugar is still sugar and gluten free junk food is still junk food. Many of these items are stripped of important macro and micro nutrients and contain high amount of preservatives and distilled ingredients. Read the ingredients list and choose the food that are close to nature as possible.

A nutritious smoothie/shake-expand in waistline-a calorie bomb: 
To make a shake or smoothie a delicious drink we tend to throw few superfoods into a blender. Banana, coconut milk, chia, kale, blueberries sounds a good breakfast but it turns a healthy drink into a calorie bomb. Reduce the portion size to 250 ml glass and keep it in the range of 200 calories or less by using more of veggies then fruits and going low on high calorie nuts and seeds.

Cutting down on oil in the salad:
Did you know that vegetables contain fat soluble Vitamin A,E,K? This means that your body needs fat for these vitamins to get absorbed. Relish your greens with oil based dressing, nuts, seeds or avocado if you don't want to miss out on the key nutrients from salad.

Going on a DIET: 
Jumping on latest diet craze in search of that edge or a magic bullet that will improve your performance or lose weight is all mental...If you tell yourself you are going on a diet you are bound to fail .After all, what are the first 3 letters of the word diet...exactly!!!.Get into the right frame of meal plans and replace the word "Diet" to "Healthy Lifestyle" and to help you do this consult a good nutritionist.

Taking your medicines or supplements with tea/coffee: 
This is the most common mistake. Caffeine in coffee/tea can interfere with the absorption of calcium, iron, B-vitamins, Vitamin D which you wish to add to yourself. Take your supplement with water and make sure to wait an hour after your last dose of caffeine.

Adding whole flaxseeds to breakfast:
We all know that flaxseeds are rich in fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 . Whole flaxseeds pass through the intestine undigested, leaving you with a hole in your wallet and no health benefits. It's always advised to use roasted, ground flaxseed instead.

You think progress is measured by scales: 
You are on so called Diet and take some start measurements like your weight. After a week , nothing has changed and you think eating healthy is a waste of time or you starve more to see results. Wrong!!. No matter what your scale shows ,you are on to the positive progress which takes place behind the scenes .Actually you must be healthy from within before your body is capable of some change. In the early stages of weight loss journey you are laying foundations to better body by improving sleep, hormones, mood, energy levels.