PCOD & Yoga: Build Your Own Self Care Routine Naturally

By: Shweta Shah

4 Feb 2022

Living with PCOD is a choice..

Finding ways to ease the symptoms can help you feel better and restore wellbeing. Consider yoga as a lifestyle.
Symptoms of PCOD are:

     Unhealthy Stagnant body weight.

     Irregular periods.

     Abdominal weight gain.

     Male pattern hair loss.

     Extra hair on the face, chest, belly, or back.

     Issues in conceiving.

     No ovulation.

     Enlarged Ovaries.

     Anxiety and depression.

Almost one-third of females worldwide are encountering with PCOD. It should be noted that conceiving issues does not affect all females having PCOD. In about 80% of cases, females have experienced a smooth conceiving with a little aid - medically and naturally.

How Yoga Can Help Avoid PCOD

PCOD results from an unhealthy lifestyle like less and no physical activity, inadequate or poor-quality sleep, unhealthy diet, malnutrition, stress, etc. It will largely help if one choose to adapt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Additionally when you are working from home and carry out your family responsibilities at the same time, reconsider your daily routine and add some of the self care activities to your existing lifestyle.

PCOD issues can be controlled and certainly removed with the right diet and exercise. Gradually, its symptoms will be reduced with simple and effective steps like yoga.

As we all know, exercising has a number of health benefits, therefore, it is recommended to adapt fitness as a choice and stay away from dis-ease and dis-comfort.

Yoga for PCOD helps to:

     Lower the blood glucose levels.

     Prevent endometrial hyperplasia.

     Prevent endometrial cancer.

     Treat headaches.

     Prevent sleep disorders.

     Restoration of conceiving power.

     Restoration of regular menstruation cycle

 With the help of a virtual well-being coach like Fitza, you can receive assistance in your health and wellness journey with its personalized dietary, exercising, meditation and behavioural recommendations.

 Yoga asanas and breathing techniques are highly recommended by therapists to release energy blockages, heal PCOD and overcome many other likely health hazards.

What Shweta Shah Recommends For PCOD

For best results, Shweta Shah suggests that anyone who is suffering from PCOD can follow this seed cycling process for three months and see the healthy transition in their healing journey.