Procrastination or Conscious Choice?

By: Nikhil Behl

14 Jan 2022

How many of us give in to Procrastination every hour due to the unhealthy Attachment to Familiarity, holding onto the socially conditioned Fear about the transitional uncertainty.

 Survival is where we stick our finger in unconscious Ego patterns, where as our Deservingness is knocking our consciousness to move ourselves from Familiarity to deliberate Creation.

 Let’s look at the instant actions we can take in ease to transcend our reality from Procrastination to deliberate Creation.

 Break the chain: Intentionally break the chain of Attachment to Familiarity with DIET and Wellness regimen.

 Integrate: Consciously integrate both the Survival and Deservingness reality with Mindful lifestyle habits.

 Mindset revival: Develop the Abundance mindset with self affirmations and chakra cleansing process.

 Surrender: Letting go of Control of the next moment, next hour, next day outcomes and give in to manifesting the bigger picture with Pep Talk adoption.

 So the above practices can lead to significant A⁴ 👇

 Activation – Activation of our genius brain that is highly alert, productive, aware and optimized.

 Alignment – Alignment of our ideas, intentions, thoughts, perceptions, actions, opportunities and collaborations.

 Agility – Agile behavioral succession, quality of decisions, instant resolutions and mindful actions.

 Achievement – Achievement of health, wealth, love, mission, vision, purpose, service and life long rewards.

 With our engagements through the 13 week Nutrition DIET program at Fitza, we found out that the Attitude that can make the paradigm shift is 👇


 Takeaway - You thrive by being present in Natural Health & You be Present by remaining Conscious 💗

 Share Your Thoughts?? What is that one thing that is preventing you from Choosing Success & Becoming Your Infinite Potential!!!