Proper use of Kitchen’s Main Ingredients

By: Shweta Shah

29 Oct 2021

Fitza is the key to maintain your kitchen with healthy ingredients and at the same time make use of all that is already present in your kitchen.

Little bit of changes in the kitchen ingredients will enhance your routine habits of eating healthy & drive you towards a healthy Lifestyle with “Gharelu Daadi Ma ke Nuske” as said by one of our clients who is 53 years old.

Some of the basic ingredients like:-
1. Garam Masala
2. Coriander leaves
3. Spices
4. Cumin seeds
5. Cardamom
6. Mustard seeds
7. Lemon
8. Dill
9. Olive
10. Clove
11. Turmeric

are used in our daily life and has many medicinal as well as weight loss effects on our body.

So if you cringe at the thought of going on diet, we have some super-fast options which will keep you fit & slim at the same time. Losing some inches of the body with maintaining the face charm is the best practice, this Shweta Smiles & remarks always.

We will give you few examples to believe our research:-

Cinnamon:- This brown colour stick is a powerhouse of antioxidant properties. It not only enhances the taste of your food but also helps to support people suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s. Regular use of the popular Indian spice for 8 weeks has improved fasting blood glucose levels and lipid profiles in type 2 diabetic patients in a research study.

Turmeric:- Most important kitchen ingredient as well as it carries the same importance in losing weight. Turmeric helps in digesting food, the spice has curcumin (a Phenol), which keeps fatty tissue to a minimum.

Always take turmeric with black pepper which acts as a catalyst to absorb turmeric.

Ghee:- Most of us avoid Ghee as we have a wrong understanding of the same. It is wisely said, “Excess of anything is not good.” However eating on the right time & the right food makes a lot of difference in your healthy lifestyle and also helps in keeping the body toned. So, contrary to many theories I have read, I suggest to consume just one tablespoon of Ghee every day. Its’ calories will help you lose weight, said, Shweta Shah.

Amla:- Nutritionally rich, this is good to consume in any season. You may not get it 365 days in India, however can store it in deep freezer.

Amla is low on fat content and high on benefits. It makes a wonderful food for people trying to lose weight. It also helps in increasing the metabolism which leads to reduction of accumulated fat from the body.

At Fitza, we are always on our toes to assist people in balancing their weight.