Setting Health Goals The Fitza Way

By: Nikhil Behl

17 Dec 2021

Everything in life begins with setting goals and intentions before we align our inspired actions and stay receptive to the manifestations.

Let’s set your health goals today and categorize them into achievable sections to make them more realistic and of relevance.


Having a focused and powerful exercise routine would take you a long way to adapt as a lifestyle choice if you have never realised fitness as the source of abundance.

 Here are a few reasonable methods you can follow to achieve your physical activity goals in ease and flow:

●      Step goals - The importance of walking has been emphasised time and again by health experts over the years. To increase how much you walk in a day, it is advisable to set step goals for yourself. Making a note of how many steps you take in a day and gradually increasing it will help you work on your walking lifecycle.

●      Experimenting with new workouts - Following the same workout routine can get mundane. Experiment with new exercise routines every few weeks to keep yourself excited about the journey.

●      Increasing gradually - Increase your workouts gradually. Add an extra workout day to your week or add a few more minutes to your workout session from time to time to achieve your fitness goals.


Mental and emotional health is a crucial part of your health and wellness which often gets ignored.

●      Decide on a healthy morning routine: We’ve conveniently fallen into the habit of waking up and picking up the phone nowadays. It would immensely improve your mental health and balance your dopamine levels if you choose to have a healthy way to start your day. May be ten minutes of silent meditation with some body stretching.

●      Get enough sleep: Getting a sound sleep for at least 7 hours daily works wonders for your mental health and emotional equilibrium.

●      Organize: Organize your home and work space gradually to maintain positive vibes around you. This would help you feel positive and happy about your surroundings which acts as a natural motivator throughout the day.


The first thing that crosses our minds when we think of health is ‘eating Mindfully'. The importance of a holistic DIET can’t be ignored when we speak of health and wellness. In the current times, when the focus is on improving immunity, it has become crucial to take a balanced eating pattern that supports our goal of getting the ample amount of nutrition to stay healthy.

Understanding what forms a balanced DIET is easier said than done. Nutrition needs are very individualistic in nature and differ greatly from person to person. Thus, it is important to understand what your specific DIET needs are. Since it is not easy to zero down to the best DIET ritual for you , it makes sense to seek professional guidance for the same.

FITZA FOR Health and Wellness

Fitza is a unique mobile app which has touched the lives of innumerable people through Nutrition and Health. The app is available on both Android and Apple platforms and delivers Personalized and Sustainable holistic DIET program that identifies one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition to facilitate in their healing and expansion journey. It provides users with the perfect blend of modern artificial intelligence and ancient traditional wisdom wrapped up with intention to serve health and wellness goals.

Experts at Fitza understand that counter-productive approaches like fad diets, superfoods, and using a common diet plan for everyone without understanding their needs rarely move the affected towards achieving health goals. Looking for a reasonable online diet plan for weight management or to address a particular health condition is a good initiation. Having said that, learning of your Nutritional needs, understanding your Elemental Carriers (Doshas) in the body and opting for Personalized guidance empowers you to attract a reliable and goal achievable DIET program to make your life journey easy, natural, prosperous and fulfilling.