Seven Secrets To Emotional Well-Being

By: Karishma Chhatrapati

28 Jan 2022

Emotional wellbeing directly implies the quality of an individual's emotional experience. It directly depends upon various factors like economic, social, demographic etc. To have a stable mental health or a well-managed emotional health is vital in life.  Over the past couple of years, we have learnt about the importance of mental health and emotional stability. It is so very true that creating a healthy mind set is an investment in overall emotional well-being, we all have to be mentally strong in every situation we face. Being mentally stable is not a destination but it is a continuous process. Here are 7 secrets of emotional well-being:

1)   Emotional intelligence (Awareness) :  Emotional wellbeing is deeply connected with the emotional intelligence of an individual. One should have the ability to perceive, use, adapt and understand emotions precisely. That is the only way to get emotional stability in life. Majority of the time science has proven that mental health can be stabilized by using emotional intelligence as a tool. It is an array of skills and characteristics that drives emotional well-being in a smoother way.

2)   Self-love: The primary requirement of emotional well-being is happiness. When one falls in love with themselves, it is the very first step towards happiness. No matter what has happened in the past, no matter if you have failed or you have passed, it does not indicator your worth. Just believe in what you are and have faith in yourself. You are on this beautiful planet earth for a reason you are going to make yourself proud one day. Be your own reason to smile. You are absolutely beautiful, capable, powerful, amazing and you can do magic.

3)   Spend time in Nature: It is said by Albert Einstein that look deep into nature and then you'll understand everything better, and it is so very true. Nature is a piece of art which helps you heal mentally. There are health benefits too. When an individual spends time with nature, he or she is more likely to witness reduction in blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension. It is not just a remedy to your mental health but also to your physical health, in the lap of nature everything seems easy and happier.

4)   Perspective is Everything: Irrespective to the situation everyone should consider that everything happening to them is happening for a reason. Giving a better outlook to a situation or a thing can help you adapt to the changes or accept it in a positive manner. Many times, the situation may be bad but if you try and accept it no time it would go away and better days would be on your doorstep. Just by changing your outlook by using emotional intelligence you can bring emotional well-being in your life.

5)   Rich diet leads to joyous life: People feel that if they consume the favorite junk food it will give them happiness but it is temporary it won't help in developing the emotional well-being. Hearty and healthy meals can help one to be physically and mentally fit both at the same point of time. Now drastically changing your schedule to healthy food from junk one, can be a difficult job. Slowly and steadily start with one day a week with a healthy diet and you could clearly see the difference in your emotional well-being.

6)   Gratitude: Being thankful for what you have, is a key to emotional well-being. Expressing gratitude can improve your mood. It would help improve your social bonds, physical health, make you more optimistic about things, give you a feeling of satisfaction and much more. Being grateful for the little things that are part of your life can help generate happiness by releasing dopamine and serotonin. A grateful heart is a magnet for numerous miracles.

7)   Practicing spirituality:  Prayers, meditation, chanting, breathing exercise are part of spiritual practices and spiritual disciplines. Starting with 10-15 minutes in a day can help you to have a mental gratification in a totally different form. Practicing it continuously on a daily basis will help you with all the negative and unwanted thoughts which are creating obstacles in your mental well-being and help you indulge thoughts and ideas which would help you grow as an individual. Yoga and meditation are the two most important keys to improve emotional well-being.

Emotionally Intelligent people are always aware of their emotions and they make their emotions work in their favor. Listen to your emotions and indulge in a communication with your inner self effectively with empathy, love and kindness. Become more aware and conscious about your feelings and accept them as valid indicators of your real-life experiences.