Start Your Journey To Health The Right Way - Set Self Inspired Intentions

By: Nikhil Behl

24 Dec 2021

Everyone desires to live a long and healthy life. To achieve this intention, we implement various methods and indulge in different workouts / yoga sessions, get a healthy diet plan, and make several lifestyle changes. However, people often get discouraged due to stumbling blocks and setbacks. This makes people abandon mental health and wellness goals even before they have made encouraging progress. 

Health and Wellness have gained paramount importance in the current times, when everyone is invested in boosting their immunity and stay healthy in light of the ongoing consequences. You can often feel clueless on how to begin this journey and go about bringing the right number of changes to gain both mental as well as physical health. Setting self-inspired health intentions/goals can be an elusive process, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated or unrealistic.

S.M.A.R.T. Wellness Intentions/Goals

When you start your fitness journey, you may have several small and big goals on your mind. It is a good idea to sort these goals out as per their priority. You can ask yourself which of these are your core goals and need to be achieved as a priority. This would help you focus on the right areas. This top area would differ from person to person. While it can be a very general goal for one, it could be a specific area of improvement for another.

To identify your top inspirational goals, you can make use of the SMART acronym, which stands for:

·       Solidarity: Get clarity on the initial goal that will bring solidarity to existence.

·       Motivated: Your goal that naturally generates the healthy amount of motivation to keep going.

·       Autonomy: Begin with developing simple healthy habits aligned to your goal/s and master autonomy in reviving successful lifestyle patterns.

·       Relevant: You should assess if the goal is relevant to your overall wellbeing at the specific time.

·       Timely or Time bound: Ensure that you give yourself enough time to achieve your goal. Also ask yourself if it is something you need to take up right now or keep for later.

Your goals would become achievable, clear and simplified and you will successfully remain intentional, focused and purposeful with the use of this approach and it would become easier for you to identify and meet the top health goals you must pursue at priority.