Why Choose Mobile App As Nutrition & Wellness Care System?

By: Rasika Vartak

21 Jan 2022

Mobile phones revolutionized communication like education revolutionized knowledge and awareness. The evolved generation today have relevantly brought these two together. It is not just education today, we have moved towards higher learning of self to regulate our environment in rising awareness. Mobile devices are a highly effective medium to raise such awareness and emphasize the learning and development process.

Health is the most prioritized space today taken over by mobile communication to connect, educate, share knowledge, and expand as a community in wholeness and wellbeing. The kind of health awareness that’s exchanged through mobile phones today has opened new doors to various business ideas; Nutrition Care & Wellness being timeless amongst all.

We are re-awakening to the long-lost fact that Health is not just a routine, it is a lifestyle and quality of life determinant. With the world moving towards a digital era, it’s only natural for a change that involves your smartphones.

It’s obvious that people are increasingly realizing the importance of the effectiveness of mobile phones in their everyday life. It is not exclusively for calling and communicating with others, but mobile phone usage goes further beyond its basic application.

Apps in the field of Nutrition and Wellness enhance Efficiency, quality of Healthcare and Lifestyle Counselling delivered by Dietitians and Fitness experts. Nutrition care apps must be considered as an affix to dietetic counselling and care, enabling the user to vitalize their whole body, mind, heart and soul in no boundaries or limitations.

Here are some reasons how opting a mobile app for nutrition and wellness care makes itself empowering and facilitates a liberating journey:


Nutrition apps are conveniently priced and developed for the user’s benefit and micro level experience. One can always avail a flexible and personalized meal plan from diversified range of healthy recipes with the choice of preferred cuisines. So, the value you get for the price you pay is impressive, while your health requirements are met in mindfulness.

User friendly

A well-functioning mobile application goes through vigorous trials and testing processes to offer the best user experience while ensuring accuracy of recommendations. A modern-age intelligent mobile application like Fitza that’s made in consultation with the self-aware nutritionists and health experts of greater compliance, using human-centered design thinking to ensure ease of use.  


With an effective nutrition application, mindful lifestyle practices and DIETary alignment, post-ops and health issues are easily regulated and flexible. You don’t need someone to remind you what you need to do or spend any time planning and organizing your health regimen. The app will self plan, organize and remind you about your meals and wellness activities. Furthermore, app notifications/reminders help with uncomplicated adoption and integration of nutrition apps within primary care interventions.

Goal Centric

Nutrition apps help people reach their health and wellness goals in a much more seamless way than ever before. They help you realize what your health goals are and where you stand in relation with them. These apps have your unique goals at the center of all recommendations, making it more personalized and effective.

Inner transformation

Nutrition apps have changed how people look at DIET. For the present-day health conscious individuals, nutrition means development as a whole, including your body, mind and soul. Its true essence is ever-changing and evolving, similar to the nature of Prakriti. Fitza is revolutionizing this space with its unique DIET philosophy which is not another fitness fad but a holistic lifestyle transformation for overall well being.


With the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, delivering personalized DIETary plans are highly impeccable. These personalized recommendations in Fitza are a result of a person’s natural nutritional needs and the present state of their 3 Doshas. Moreover, the app guides you to navigate through available diet or nutrition options when you are eating out or travelling.

That’s not all, nutrition and wellness apps consider human tendencies and actions. For instance, Fitza takes into account your snack time and decoction hour providing you recommendations for healthier alternatives whenever you need them.

Community Building

Applications focus on a customer-centric approach. They thrive on building a community for the holistic development of the social environment, health and otherwise. The communion process help enhance the transformation journey by letting people come together and share their own experiences. This helps people stay accountable, feel relatable and keep improving with support and sustenance.

Health and nutrition apps are just the beginning of the fitness revolution. Moving forward, they are making healthy living convenient and accessible which is why it is clearly showing today how Nutrition and wellness programs are playing a principal role in human evolution since the past recent years.