Why Do We Gain Weight After 40?

By: Shweta Shah

5 Oct 2021

The age of 40 is usually the age we all start thinking about wellness as all of sudden we realize that our body shape is changing & there is a belly fat developing. This causes us worry when we dress in beautiful attire & we don’t feel the same charm as before.

Wellness has got more to do with gaining & losing weight as one of the prime reasons is not taking enough care of what & how we eat. We concentrate only on HOW MUCH we eat. There are hidden answers in our worries itself.
1. Hormone imbalance :- These are the biggest culprit in our body. These are the chemical messengers which controls every aspect of our body from hunger to reproduction, mood swings to energy levels etc. As you approach menopause, levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone fluctuate. These imbalances causes many changes in the body form having diseases like arthritis due to bone density reduction or even having Thyroid which fluctuates the weight drastically.
2. Lack of physical activities: - With the rising age we all tend to become lazy bones & do less physical activities as compared to the ones we did at school or college. Furthermore, Smart phones & electronic media has made everything possible on one click. Lack of physical activities tend to deposit fats & carbs in us which results in obesity & gaining weight in long term.
3. Less inclination to eat healthy diet:- Over stressed routines of us & irregular eating habits lead to unhealthy diet habits. When we don’t eat on time then we eat whatever is available when hungry. We also tend to pamper ourselves with delicious food which is normally either junk ones or sweets.
4. Lack of knowledge about food intake:- We are not knowledgeable enough when it comes to eating good food & developing it as a habit. Fitza has developed an ecosystem which takes care of your daily routine food intake & provides you apt knowledge of the same to follow it for long term.
5. Increase appetite & Stress level :- The hectic routine & demands we have from our own life has increased the stress level in our body. Many people tend to eat more and many skip meals during such stress. Both result in weight gain & obesity.
6. Body composition:- Shweta Shah of Fitza has explained this in detail which each individual must be aware of. We shall soon be announcing a webinar to have participants form all over the world to understand how Body composition changes the weight of an individual & also how does it result in weight gain after 40.
7. Body starts becoming insulin resistant:- As you get older, and especially as you gain weight, the body starts to ignore insulin — the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. As a result, you blood sugar is higher, because your cells aren’t absorbing it, says Burton. The result: It feels like you’re hungry, and you may experience more cravings. This results in unwanted pounds increase and also can turn into diabetes type 2.
8. We have now studied how & why do we gain weight after 40. We need to take measures to avoid all the above, which we shall get from Shweta’s desk next Monday. Till then stay happy, stay tuned, stay healthy.