Why Is Self Affirmation Important?

By: Karishma Chhatrapati

3 Aug 2021

Do you get consumed by negative thoughts that stop you from being more of yourself? How often do you make yourself the subject of your own worst criticism?

These negative thoughts are persistent and more frequent than we give notice. When overlooked for a long period of time, these negative thoughts affect life at work, relationships, and other important aspects of one’s life.

It’s essentially self-sabotage. And it needs to be stopped.

One of the most effective ways to cope with negative thoughts and overpower them is to fight them with positive thoughts - self affirmation.

What is self affirmation?

Self affirmation is the deliberate practice of repeating positive affirmations, statements, and mantras to bring about positive thoughts at the forefront of our brains. Statements like:

“I can do this”

“I am stronger than this adversity and I won’t quit”

It may sound like wishful thinking but it’s more of deliberate thinking. It forces our brains to look at the brighter side and find possibilities unlike negative thoughts that blind us to any possible positive outcome.

When practiced regularly and religiously, these small statements can completely change the way we think, positively affecting our thought patterns, perception, and our expectations and desires.

Moreover, it has practical implications as well. A study has shown that self affirmations can boost a person’s ability to solve problems by relieving them from stress and helping them think clearly.

When do you need positive self affirmations?

 At any point in your life when you are to overcome stress, fear, uncertainty, or nervousness, self-affirmations can help you stay motivated and take positive steps in succeeding at the task at hand.

 Whether it’s just a typical bad day at work or your life’s biggest address at a huge event, self-affirmation can help you calm yourself down. It will help you stay focused despite being overwhelmed with anxious thoughts and pressure. It helps remind you that you can, after all, do it.

 How to write your own self-affirmation mantra?

 Although self-affirmations can be something as simple and short as “I can do it”, there’s no way you have to stop at that. You can write your own affirmations that are specific to your goals and objectives (or your fears). It can be your unique battle-cry for every time you feel pushed down by pressure.

 Here’s how you can get started with one:

 1. Think of the change you want to see in your life
 2. Find out what’s stopping you from achieving it, what are your fears?
 3. Think of how these fears sound when they become thoughts, for eg. Am I even good at this?
 4. Rephrase that thought. I am good at this.
 5. Add a call to action, something that’ll be your war-cry for doing the work - I am good at this, I just need to keep practicing.

 Did you find your mantra already?

Self-affirmation is important because it directly counteracts the negative emotions and thoughts that limit a person’s potential. It provides positive reinforcement to fight self-doubt, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. It can help people lead more fulfilling lives, stress-free.

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