Blending the old and the new

Fitza, a mobile app conceptualised to touch the lives of people through health and nutrition, leverages on technology. It is a unique blend of ancient traditional knowledge and modern artificial intelligence. A human-centred, AI-powered application, Fitza is deeply rooted in delivering personalized & sustainable nutrition plans based on age-old practices. Celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah is one of the biggest proponents of this approach to healthy living. In her 15+ years as a nutritionist, she’s helped many renowned personalities, including Harbhajan Singh and Katrina Kaif. She has contributed her expertise in Fitza’s development as she believes that this forgotten wisdom needs to be shared with those struggling with nutritional and lifestyle issues.” Fitza is an important step in integrating nutrition care into the care delivery ecosystem and certainly in terms of empowering people with the knowledge of nutrition,” says Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO, Wockhardt Foundation. “We feel proud partnering with them in their mission to make nutrition advice easily accessible and very affordable.” he says. “You’re going to eat every day, no matter what; 99.9 per cent of people will try to eat tonight,” Adds Nikhil Behl, CEO, Fitza: “We believe that the right nutrition is perhaps one of the most impactful things that have been under-looked. We hope to make great nutrition advice easily available, accessible and affordable to all.”

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