Fitza An AI-powered Application That Acts As A Virtual Nutrition Coach

Fitza, the first-ever intelligent virtual nutrition coach, is a breath of fresh air amidst fad diets and ineffective meal plans. It is a one-of-akind mobile app conceptualized to touch the lives of people through health and nutrition, leveraging technology. Available on both Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store) platforms, the app is a unique blend of ancient traditional knowledge and modern artificial intelligence. 

Based on each individual’s unique nutritional needs, Fitza’s personalized meal plans cater to your natural tendencies towards food. This usercentric approach ensures that each person receives nutrition that’s right for them, making self-care smart, intelligent and accessible.


Fitza is a human-centric, AI-powered application that acts as a virtual nutrition coach. It is deeply rooted in delivering personalized and sustainable nutrition plans based on age-old practices, user likes and dislikes, grandma’s delicious recipes, and natural homemade remedies with proven outcomes. Most importantly, the app addresses immunity building for the prevention of several chronic ailments. It adapts to your body type i.e., body prakriti and helps you balance your doshas by intelligently changing your meal plan to drive meaningful results.

In a nutshell, Fitza’s personalized guidance enables people to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, without making drastic changes in their lifestyle. While advising a user-centric dietary plan, the app offers enough freedom to pursue hobbies and passions including travel and food. 


Fitza is primarily a mobile-first application and a major front-end tool providing a rich User Interface to enhance customer experience. 

A total of 7 themes were identified as important while building the application keeping in mind how individuals use technology to support self-management and nutrition care: (1) information, (2) understanding individual health and body type (Prakriti) (3) reaching and sustaining goals, (4) minimizing disruption to daily life, (5) reassurance, (6) communicating with healthcare professionals, and (7) coordinated care. 

Fitza carefully analyses goals, food preferences, diet, pre-existing conditions and allergies to generate detailed and personalized daily diet plans. For each meal option, the app throws up four options to choose from and recommendations based on the user’s eating habits and goals. Meals can easily be shifted or regenerated. Users can also browse a huge food dictionary of recipes. The app also offers a grocery and pantry list making it very convenient for the user to plan the purchases. 

Evidence based, personalized meal plans, search option, body prakriti analysis, pocket guides when one is travelling or socializing, grocery planner, dietary analysis, push notifications, reminders, follow up on compliance and plan adherence, visual charts to display progress, etc are some of the key features that we believe, when delivered digitally, are likely to be an important route for sustainable intervention. 

Availability and Stats 

Fitza Private Limited was incorporated in March 2021 and the app was made available on iOS and Android in April 2021. The Fitza app is a paid subscription program.

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