Fitza blends traditional nutrition wisdom with modern technology

Fitza is a one-of-a-kind mobile app conceptualized to touch the lives of people through health and nutrition, leveraging technology. Available on both Android (Play Store) and Apple (App Store) platforms, the app is a unique blend of ancient traditional knowledge and modern artificial intelligence.

A human-centred AI-powered application, Fitza is deeply rooted in delivering personalized and sustainable nutrition plans based on age-old practices, user likes and dislikes, grandma recipes and natural homemade remedies with proven outcomes and most importantly addressing immunity building. It adapts to your body type i.e., body prakriti and doshas and intelligently changes your meal plan to drive meaningful results.

In a nutshell, Fitza enables people with personalized guidance to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, without making drastic changes in their lifestyle.

Fad diets, much like superfoods as well as a one size fits all approach rarely work and are, many a times, counter-productive. Food is not medicine and medicine will never be food. For a line of treatment to be sustainable and effective, the plan needs to be personalized and adaptive to your body type. Based on the ancient science of the three doshas/ forces – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, Fitza allows you to assess the state of your doshas and recommends the right nutrition to balance it.

Celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah is one of the biggest proponents of this approach to healthy living. In her 15-plus years as a nutritionist, she’s helped many renowned personalities, including Harbhajan Singh and Katrina Kaif. Her unique approach to using natural remedies have driven positive outcomes for them amidst their busy lifestyle. She has contributed her similar expertise in Fitza’s development as she believes that this forgotten wisdom needs to be shared with those struggling with nutritional and lifestyle issues.

Given that doctors aren’t formally trained to be nutritional experts, the personalized and outcome-driven diet plans like those suggested by Fitza can help people tremendously. Proven to be effective in helping women with PCOS and other chronic hormonal disorders, Fitza’s nutrition care platform can complement and support the efforts of doctors.

“Fitza is an important step in integrating nutrition care into the care delivery ecosystem and certainly in terms of empowering people with the knowledge of nutrition,” says Sir Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO at Wockhardt Foundation. “We feel proud partnering with them in their mission to make nutrition advice easily accessible and very affordable,” he adds.

“We believe right nutrition is perhaps one of the most impactful things that’s being under-looked,” says Nikhil Behl, CEO, Fitza. “We hope to make great nutrition advice easily available, accessible and affordable to all,” he adds.

Team Fitza comprises nutrition experts, technopreneurs, entrepreneurs, who have been part of several zero to one journey as well as partners with a common sense of purpose and a deep understanding of the problem that Fitza hopes to solve.

In a world that’s filled with nutrition advice and Instagram-friendly aesthetic diet trends, Fitza’s traditional and unique approach certainly stands out.

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