Nutrition Wellbeing : Intelligent Approach To Preventive Healthcare

By Celebrity Nutritionist Shweta Shah, Co-Founder of Fitza – First Ever Intelligent Virtual Nutrition Coach.

Power of Prevention: Significance/ Importance of Preventive Health care

How can I be in oneness with holistic Health and Harmony! The only way to be in that state of being is a simple self care ritual. When one is inspired to live their life in harmony, one understands the significance of aligning their actions with the intent to move out of the ailment mind-set.

It is always better to be conscious than being cautious about your choices. Any choice made in self awareness attracts consequences that add meaning and bring about harmony in every aspect of our life. Few simple steps towards prevention can neutralise the pain and help transcend to a state of natural health and wholeness; additionally amplify the attitude of self assurance and inspire one to move from medication dependency to natural health.

Preventive health measures are immensely powerful when it comes to living life in richness and vitality. Call yourself profound or a fool, only if one choose to invest little time from their daily routine for simple self care activities such as having your morning fruits, eating a salad before lunch, having a decoction drink after an hour of the meal, doing early morning meditation, stretching the body in the afternoon hour, journaling before going to sleep can make such huge differences in shifting the ailment reality to manifesting health and harmony.

Nutrition Wellbeing for Chronic Wellness: Consciousness to pursue health promotion and chronic disease prevention

A minor yet majestic difference between Illness and Wellness. One speaks of ‘I’ and another speaks of ‘We’. That’s where the power of ancient Intelligence comes into picture to outgrow the ‘I’ and transcend into ‘We’ consciousness.

We have learnt from the ancient books and Vedas about the power of communion/collective consciousness. When one becomes two, the energy of wellbeing becomes stronger and Wellness consciousness can be easily pursued in such a community.

Chronic conditions are unconsciously attracted outcomes coming from illness consequences developed by ‘We’ people in absence of Nutrition awareness. To promote health in harmony and prevent chronic dis-ease/s, the ‘We’ consciousness is to be empowered, with nutritional well-being as the core intention.

Wellness can then be reformed easily with personalized Nutrition rituals while chronic health conditions can be easily outgrown, further magnifying the momentum of preventing human community from Dis-ease consciousness.

What makes nutrition care an Intelligent approach – It is Effective and Affordable

Not only is nutrition wellbeing both effective with proven outcomes and inexpensive to adopt but also is very intelligent – the Gut Brain Axis.

The Enteric Nervous System (ENS) is often referred to as our body’s second brain. There are hundreds of millions of neurons connecting the brain to the enteric nervous system, the part of the nervous system that is tasked with controlling the gastrointestinal system. The ENS is in constant communication with the brain via the body’s own information superhighway – the vagus nerve. And it’s now becoming clear that all those signals flowing back and forth can influence our decisions, mood and general well-being.

The gut brain greatly affects how the body works. The digestive system has a daily job to do as part of your metabolism, but it’s also subject to fluctuations in functionality, and otherwise related to your emotions.

Nutrition care is the most integral part to preventive approach, and can also be called the mother and father of overall wellbeing. Call Nutrition wholeness, the Intelligent and Efficient approach due to its compliance for translating health in harmony with higher effectiveness and reasonability in magnified ways from affordable to mobility, self awareness to community development.

Personalized Nutrition

Nutrition when personalized serves the purpose of individuals as well as social wellbeing. What works for you might not work for your spouse or parent so actualizing the qualified diet for each one is the mindful way to restore wellbeing for all involved. Our diet based app “Fitza – First Ever Intelligent Virtual Nutrition Coach” also provides personalized nutrition to their customers.

Having said that, let’s count some of the commonly resulted healthy outcomes achieved from Nutrition care habits and what are these mindful preventive wellness actions one can start today in effortlessness:

Nutritional rewards & Preventive care actions

Alkaline balance –

Early morning alkaline water in empty stomach, natural decoction after an hour of lung and an alkaline meal such as fruits and vegetable clear soups for supper/early dinner can cleanse the toxins from the body and keep our health in harmony.

Weight accuracy –

Intake of balanced amounts of protein, vitamin, calcium, zinc and magnesium during our first meal of our day can help the metabolism go high and keep the appetite in check that results in feeling light and full for a longer period of time. Higher the metabolism, better the weight.

Hormonal balance –

Adding seeds and seasonal greens to our regular meals with any body activities like Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, dancing, etc. for sometime everyday can easily achieve hormonal balance. If you are an art lover, things like listening to music and sketching with colors can help boost hormonal health.

Blood sugar balance –

Food like basil, spinach, turmeric, ginger works wonders for purifying the blood and sugar level balance when practiced with energy cleansing meditation for a few moments. Eating fibre, potassium and probiotics, high fruits and veggies like Apples, Berries, Pomegranate, Beetroot, Carrot, Kidney beans, Moong lentils is highly beneficial for producing insulin naturally.

Immune boost –

Breathing exercises, sleep meditation, body stretching, health Affirmations with regular intake of high zinc, vitamin and antioxidant food in the morning hours is the key to immunity health. Natural decoctions are a big plus.

Calmed nervous system –

Alkaline meals, Breathing exercises, Natural Decoctions, Intermittent fasting, Mindfulness practices and body stretching are the magical ways to temper our nervous system and thrive in calmness.

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