Shweta Shah

Chief Dietician & Celebrated Nutritionist

An entrepreneur, a change maker, a dietician and a master curator of healthy and amazingly delicious delicacies, Shweta Shah dons several caps in her professional life. A post-graduate in Dietetic and applied nutrition from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, Shweta started her journey eighteen years ago and has achieved many milestones along the way.

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Sir Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala

Chief Advisor & CEO of Wockhardt Foundation

Dr Huz is the Executive Director of Wockhardt Limited and is part of the promoter family of the Wockhardt Group - a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare group. He is the CEO of Wockhardt Foundation, a not for profit organization and the Founder of “The World Peacekeepers Movement”.

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Nikhil Behl

CEO & Chief Revenue Officer

An Entrepreneur, a Catalyst, a Writer, an Advisor and a Master Executor; Nikhil is a visionary leader and a fitness enthusiast known for his unconventional ways of perceiving, approaching and successfully achieving the I-M-Possible reality. His key interest lies in the realm of HealthTech and Telemedicine; he is actively engaged with multiple ventures living his multidimensional personality, all in one realm. Nikhil is an avid marathoner and enjoys playing squash and soccer too. Nikhil is the Co-founder and CEO at Fitza, in addition to managing his family business, Conventions & Fairs (India) Pvt Ltd.

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Rasika Vartak

Chief AI and ML Officer

With 18 years of experience, Rasika brings in knowledge and best practices for developing multilingual, scalable, resource-effective and secure custom applications building. She is an amazing example to work-life balance. Born in a rural area with no easy access to doctors, Rasika has grown up trusting in natural remedies. An avid traveller and a nature lover, she plants various plants and green vegetables other than being an amateur sketcher and photographer. She is a team player with can-do attitude and practical approach towards the adverse situations. She is also part of a NGO, GLARE which is working for saving a lake in Hyderabad, India and waste segregation activities

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